Updated Stream

An Updated Stream

Google Classroom Stream Updated

A few things have been moved around in Google Classroom. They are minor changes but worth noting. The most notable for the Stream is that the “Students can post and comment” has been moved from the Students tab to the Stream.

Alice Keeler copyright image Google Classroom Stream

A quick rundown of the Stream

  1. The Stream is where students view assignments.
  2. The Students tab contains a roster of the students as well as the ability to invite students or display the class code.
  3. The About tab allows you to post important information about the class or invite a co-teacher.
  4. Add assignments to the Stream by clicking on the plus icon.
  5. Upcoming assignments that have a due date will be displayed in the Stream sidebar.
  6. Topics act as filters. Click on the topic in the sidebar to filter the Stream.
  7. When students delete items from the Stream they are still visible to the teacher. The teacher can also choose to allow or disallow students from commenting in the Stream.
  8. Change the header image in Google Classroom.
  9. The 3 lines menu allows you to access other classes, archived classes, or change your settings.