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Google Classroom: More Options Menu

3 dots more options menu

More Options Menu in Google Classroom

On the class tiles page at you find a grid of all your classes you are teaching or enrolled in. In the upper right hand corner of each tile is the 3 dots more options menu.


You can drag the tiles around on the class tiles page or you can use the “Move” option from the 3 dots menu. This allows you to choose the position of the class tile.


Edit the class title.


WARNING: Copying an entire class copies all of the attachments in the class. THIS IS A BAD IDEA! It makes a big mess of your Google Drive. Attachments are NOT attached in Google Classroom, they are linked from Google Drive. This will copy not only all of the assignments but the screenshots, videos, directions documents, EVERYTHING. Big mess! Instead, create a new class and use the Create button on the Classwork page to “Reuse post.” from a another class.


Before you can delete a class you need to archive it. Archiving makes the class still visible to students, but they are unable to submit or comment. You can find the archived class under the 3 lines menu in the upper left. You can reuse assignments from an archived class.

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