5 tiny triangles

Google Classroom: 5 Tiny Triangles

5 tiny triangles

5 Tiny Triangles When Creating an Assignment

When creating an assignment in Google Classroom notice there are 5 tiny triangles. Click on all of them!

  1. Assign to multiple classes
  2. Assign to individual students
  3. Set a due date and time.
  4. Add a topic
  5. Assign, schedule or save as draft.
google classroom assign to multiple classes (1)

Google Classroom: Assign to Multiple Classes

assign to multiple classes

Assign to Multiple Classes

When creating a Google Classroom assignment you can assign to multiple classes. In the upper left where it says “For” notice the tiny triangle next to the class title. Click on this to select multiple classes to assign the assignment to.

Individual Students Disabled

When creating an assignment for an individual class you can assign to only certain students in the class. When multiple classes are selected, individual student selection is disabled.

Scheduling is Disabled

You can not schedule an assignment to multiple classes. You can save it as a draft, but not schedule. Set a calendar reminder to post the assignment at the desired scheduled time.

Download Google Classroom Data

Sometimes you need to download or move your data from Google Classroom. Visit the Google Download Data page and choose the data from the products that you would like to download.



You can also choose whether you want to receive your data through an emailed link, added to your Drive or added to Dropbox or OneDrive.


Google Classroom: Student Name First

Google Classroom student name first

Student Name Appended to Google Docs

When documents are created for students from Google Classroom the student’s name is automatically appended to the front of the document title. This makes it easier to locate student work in the Google Drive folder for the assignment. Sort your Google Classroom assignment by first name to match the order of the files in Google Drive.


to do link to assignment

Google Classroom: To-do Link to Assignment

Link to assignment from todo

Link to Assignment

In the sidebar, 3 lines menu, teachers and students can link to the “To-do” page. This shows students the list of work they have not turned in. It shows teachers the list of assignments they have not marked as reviewed.

Clicking on the assignment title launches the assignment.

Hold down Control

Tip: do not lose the To-do page, it can take awhile to load sometimes. Instead, hold down the Control key when clicking on the assignment title. This will open it in a different tab so you don’t lose the To-do page.

only attach a google form

Google Classroom: ONLY Attach a Google Form

Only Attach A Google Form

If your Google Classroom assignment ONLY has a Google Form attached (linked) then when students submit the Form the assignment will automatically be submitted for the student.

fill out google form

After submitting the Google Form the student will see an option to “Open assignment.” This is unnecessary since the assignment is automatically submitted, but it’s nice for the student to confirm that it submitted and it offers the student the opportunity to leave a comment about the Google Form.
open assignment from google form

notice it is submitted

Linked Not Attached

Note that nothing is really attached in Google Classroom. We say attached, but really they are linked from Google Drive. 



Share Files Belonging to Others

Google Classroom now allows you to share files Google Drive files that do not belong to you such as a template. This saves teachers and students the extra step of adding files to their drive before sharing in Classroom. This also makes it easier for teachers and students who have multiple Google Drive accounts and may have documents between the files.

When adding files not owned by you, Google Classroom will send a notification that you do not have permission to share the document. Click “Copy” to make a copy of the document in your drive and share the document in Google Classroom.



Students link to google sheets

Students Link to Collaborative Sheet

Students link to google sheets

Students Link to Collaborative Sheet

I am a big fan of using collaborative documents with students. Why open 30 when you can open 1. Share one Google Sheets spreadsheet and each student does their work on their own tab. When a student is done with their work they can copy the link to their sheet in the spreadsheet (or in the case of Google Slides, the link to their individual slide.) Each sheet in the spreadsheet has a unique URL. Having the student paste this link into the private comments of Google Classroom makes it easier to view that student’s work.

Student linked to their individual tab on the spreadsheet

delete posted scheduled

Search Gmail for Posted Scheduled

When you schedule a post in Google Classroom you receive an email letting you know it was posted. I’m not the best at just deleting them right away so they gather up in my email. Periodically I go to the search box at the top of Gmail and type in “posted scheduled.” And then delete them all in mass.

posted scheduled


Search for Done

Control F search for done

In the Stream you want to scroll for if students are DONE with an assignment. Try using CONTROL F to do a search of the Stream. Type in DONE and press enter. Continue to press enter to cycle through all the instances of DONE. This will allow you to scroll the Stream faster.