Students link to google sheets

Students Link to Collaborative Sheet

Students link to google sheets

Students Link to Collaborative Sheet

I am a big fan of using collaborative documents with students. Why open 30 when you can open 1. Share one Google Sheets spreadsheet and each student does their work on their own tab. When a student is done with their work they can copy the link to their sheet in the spreadsheet (or in the case of Google Slides, the link to their individual slide.) Each sheet in the spreadsheet has a unique URL. Having the student paste this link into the private comments of Google Classroom makes it easier to view that student’s work.

Student linked to their individual tab on the spreadsheet

delete posted scheduled

Search Gmail for Posted Scheduled

When you schedule a post in Google Classroom you receive an email letting you know it was posted. I’m not the best at just deleting them right away so they gather up in my email. Periodically I go to the search box at the top of Gmail and type in “posted scheduled.” And then delete them all in mass.

posted scheduled


Search for Done

Control F search for done

In the Stream you want to scroll for if students are DONE with an assignment. Try using CONTROL F to do a search of the Stream. Type in DONE and press enter. Continue to press enter to cycle through all the instances of DONE. This will allow you to scroll the Stream faster.

Edit Instructions

Edit Assignment Instructions

Use the Instructions Tab to Edit

While reviewing student work it is not uncommon that I realize I need to update the instructions. The student work reveals I was not as clear as I thought I was. I like to edit the instructions now so that when I reuse the assignment next year I don’t have to try to remember what needed fixing (and I won’t remember.)

While reviewing student work I am on the “Student work” tab. Notice to the left of that tab is “Instructions.” Click over on Instructions to view the assignment details. (Tip, use the back arrow to go back to Student work rather than click on Student work, this takes you back to the student you were looking at.)

3 Dots

Notice the 3 dots in the upper right of the assignment instructions. This gives you more options. Click on the 3 dots to edit the assignment instructions.
3 dots to edit

Upload to Google Drive

Google Classroom Attachments are in Google Drive

Upload to Drive

Attachments in Google Classroom are not attached to Google Classroom. They are actually added to Google Drive. All “attachments” are really just links to Google Drive. Try it. Click on the paperclip icon when creating an assignment and upload a file. Now go check Recent in Google Drive. There it is!

Upload file to Google Drive

Sync Classroom with and Google Classroom

Now Google Classroom can sync with This makes it fast and easy for teachers to find courses and add existing students.

Begin by going to Create a new class section by choosing “Set up your classroom” and click “Use Google Classroom.”

You will need to authorize to access your Google Classroom account. Using your Google Apps for Education account to sign into will streamline this process.


You will then be able to choose your classroom from the list of courses created in your Google Classroom account.

Next, you can locate courses on and assign them to specific students or groups. Then you students can start learning to code!

Schedule Assignments

Schedule Assignments

Google Classroom allows for teachers to plan ahead and build content before sharing it with the students. After creating an assignment, instead of choosing “Assign” click the down arrow to open up a menu of options.

Choose “Schedule” to automatically post the assignment at the chosen time and date.

Add Scheduled Time

Add the date and time that you want your assignment to be posted. The assignment will be available on the teacher’s stream, but the students will be unable to see the assignment until it is posted. The assignment can be modified and updated at any time.

Create an Exit Ticket

Create Exit Tickets with Google Classroom

Google Classroom makes it easy to create, distribute and collect an Exit Ticket at the end of a class.

Click the + icon and choose “Create question” to create the Exit Ticket.


Write your question in the question space. You can choose whether your question is a short answer or multiple choice.

You can also choose whether or not students can reply to each other. This can lead to a dynamic and engaging. classroom discussion. You also have the option whether or not you will allow students to edit their answers.


Google Inbox Sorts Your Class Emails

Inbox sort Google Classroom classes

Google Inbox is another way to access your Gmail emails. Unlike Gmail, Inbox identifies what class an email from Google Classroom is sent from. Emails are grouped by class so you can view notifications from just one class rather than them being mixed together.