Managing Google Classroom Topics (1)

Managing Topics in Google Classroom

Managing Google Classroom Topics (1)

When in the Stream of Google Classroom you can find the topics listed on the left-hand side. Click on the topics in the listing to filter assignments for that topic.
Topics on the left hand side

Add Topics

You can add a topic by clicking on “Add topic” in the sidebar.
Add Topic in the sidebar

Alternatively, you can add a topic when creating an assignment. By default an assignment has “No topic.” Click on the tiny triangle next to “No topic” and click on “Create topic” at the top.
Create Topic

Edit Topics

Think outside the box of the traditional topics you would have used in your gradebook. Instead, think… how will students FILTER the Stream. Create topics around what would make filtering useful, not simply by category. You’ll likely change your mind and need to edit your topics. In the sidebar on the left, hover over a topic to reveal the 3 dots options. Click on the 3 dots to either “Rename” or “Delete” a topic.
3 Dots Rename a Topic

Classroom App: Edit or Archive

Launching the Google Classroom app you will see the tiles of the classes you are teaching. Notice 3 dots on the tile. Tapping on these provides the option to “Edit” or “Archive.” Edit allows you to edit the class title. Note that this does NOT edit the folder title in Google Drive.  Archive hides the tile from you and students. Students can no longer interact with the course but they can see course materials. All files were never in Google Classroom; all files are and still are in Google Drive. Locate archived classes by clicking on the 3 lines menu icon in the upper left. 

Send Google Feedback

Classroom App: Send Feedback

If you are using Google Classroom the mobile app is a MUST!! The Google Classroom team listens to feedback. Notice in the upper right hand corner of the app is 3 dots. This provides the option to “Send Google feedback.” Use this often. Share what you love or suggestions!

Google Classroom for Gmail Users

Gmail Users Can Use Google Classroom

Google Classroom for Gmail Users

For Everyone

Google Classroom is no longer restricted to users on the same domain. If you have an email address you can go to and create a class. You can also join a Google Classroom class by using your personal Gmail account.

For Everyone But…

This does not mean that you can use your personal Gmail to join anyone’s Google Classroom. You can if the teacher made the class in Gmail but not necessarily if it was created on a school domain. School accounts are managed by the G Suite admin. In order to join a school Google Classroom class the G Suite admin will have to have checked some checkboxes in the admin panel to allow it. This is highly unlikely to happen at most schools.

G Suite Admin

If your G Suite admin is willing to allow personal Gmail users to join the domain they will need to go to and under Apps, choose G Suite, and then expand the settings for Google Classroom. They will want to choose “Any user” for both who can join classes and for classes you can join.
Set any user

Go Slow Workshop

Alice Keeler has Go Slow online workshops that take place through Google Classroom. You can join with your personal Gmail accounts. If your G Suite admin will check the “Which classes can users in your domain join” option “Any G Suite class” then you can use your school account for the Go Slow online workshop training.




Create fast google docs

Quickly Add a Google Doc to Google Classroom

Each of the Google Apps in G Suite have a shortcut URL that allows you create Google Apps super quick!

No Save Button

One of the most challenging things to get used to when moving to Google Apps is the lack of a save button. You create and close the doc. It is immediately available to add to a Google Classroom assignment.

Drive Icon

All of your documents are saved in Google Drive. When creating a Google Classroom assignment, click on the Drive icon to link to the document you just created.
Google Drive Icon


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guardian email summaries

Guardian Summaries: Now Any Email

Google Classroom now allows parents to use any email address to sign up for guardian summaries.

To set up Guardian summary emails, go to the “Students” tab.students tab in google classroom

On the  left-hand side, turn on “Guardian email summaries.”

turn on summaries

Invite guardians by clicking on “Invite guardians” next to each student’s name. Note that once a guardian is invited it copies to all Google Classrooms on the domain. In other words, other teachers will not need to also invite the guardian. invite guardians

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Taking Learning Outside the Classroom

We know that learning doesn’t stop when our students leave the classroom. Google Classroom has several new features that help us to move learning beyond the walls of our classroom and increase our connections with students.


Email Summaries for Parents

The email summaries tool automatically creates summaries to provide parents with an overview of their students work.  Parents or guardians can customize how often they receive summaries.  Summaries can be received each day, once a week or even once a month. The summaries include assignments, grades and missing work. Parents or guardians have the option to opt out of summaries at any time.


Draw on Documents

Now students can add their ideas – and write outside the lines – by annotating documents in the mobile app. They can draw on Google Docs, images and PDF.  This lets students participate in learning beyond using online texts and images. They can write math problems and draw diagrams and create their own designs.


This provides students with more options for express their ideas and allow for teachers to better assess and gauge learning.


Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions truly expands the walls of the classroom by allowing students to participate in travel to new places through virtual experiences. The expeditions app will soon be available on iOS.


Streamline the Stream

Google Classroom has also become more user friendly for both teachers and students.

The Stream can get messy as the school year goes on. Now teachers can organize the stream by including topics to posts. This allows for you to organize your assignments and announcements. It also helps students to navigate the Stream and locate the information that they need.


Images in Google Forms


A new feature on Google Forms allows for you to include images and videos in a question. This is helpful when using Google Forms to assess student learning.


Organize your Inbox

Google Classroom can flood your inbox. When you are using a Google Apps for Education account, gmail now automatically organize your inbox by grouping emails from Google Classroom. This is useful for both students and teachers to make the workflow more efficient and sort emails into tasks.









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50 things to go further book interest form Go Further with Google Classroom

50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach

Dr. Libbi Miller and I have finished the follow-up to our popular book “50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom.”  This book helps you take Google Classroom further with 50 more tips. The book is chock full of ways to take it further with tips, resources, and templates. Libbi and I are excited about a student-centered classroom. Technology such as Google Classroom helps to provide a more student-centered classroom when previously it was very challenging. This book helps you consider ways to start moving towards a more student-centered approach to teaching and learning. Lisa Highfill, co-author of the book “The HyperDoc Handbook,” provides the foreword to give her view on shifting the classroom model.

Interest Form

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Schedule your Google Classroom Posts (1)

Google Classroom: Schedule Posts

Schedule your Google Classroom Posts (1)

Schedule a Post

Schedule a post to the Stream by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the blue assign box.
blue assign button google classroom arrow

Choose Schedule

Choose the schedule option from the drop down menu.
Schedule or save draft of an assignment

Choose Date and Time

Select the date the post will appear in the Stream. Edit the time to determine what hour and minute the post will appear.
Schedule assignment set date and time