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50 things to go further book interest form Go Further with Google Classroom

50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach

Dr. Libbi Miller and I have finished the follow-up to our popular book “50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom.”  This book helps you take Google Classroom further with 50 more tips. The book is chock full of ways to take it further with tips, resources, and templates. Libbi and I are excited about a student-centered classroom. Technology such as Google Classroom helps to provide a more student-centered classroom when previously it was very challenging. This book helps you consider ways to start moving towards a more student-centered approach to teaching and learning. Lisa Highfill, co-author of the book “The HyperDoc Handbook,” provides the foreword to give her view on shifting the classroom model.

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Schedule your Google Classroom Posts (1)

Google Classroom: Schedule Posts

Schedule your Google Classroom Posts (1)

Schedule a Post

Schedule a post to the Stream by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the blue assign box.
blue assign button google classroom arrow

Choose Schedule

Choose the schedule option from the drop down menu.
Schedule or save draft of an assignment

Choose Date and Time

Select the date the post will appear in the Stream. Edit the time to determine what hour and minute the post will appear.
Schedule assignment set date and time

Multiple Choice Polling Questions

Google Classroom: Poll Your Class

Multiple Choice Polling Questions

Ask a Polling Question to the Stream

An update to the Question style assignment now allows for asking a multiple choice question.

Create a Question

Click on the plus icon in the bottom right to choose “Create question.”
create a question in Google Classroom

Short Answer

The default question type is “Short answer.” Click on this to change to “Multiple Choice.

Multiple Choice

You can ask a single multiple choice polling question. Use this for an exit ticket, formative assessment or to see who is going on the field trip. 
choose multiple choice google classroom

Locate the Assignment Folder in Google Classroom

google classroom assignment folder

Assignment Folder

The assignment folder in Google Classroom makes it quick to find all student documents for an assignment at once. The assignment folder icon links to Google Drive. Google Drive has a “Classroom” folder. Within that folder is a folder for each class. Within each class folder is a folder for each assignment that has attachments.


Start in the Stream and click on the assignment title.
alice keeler google classroom click on the title


In the assignment grading page, the assignment folder icon is located under the “Done” and “Not Done” counts. Click on the folder icon to open Google Drive.
Google Classroom find the assignment folder under the count

6 things to click on in Google Classroom Alice Keeler

6 Things to Click on in Google Classroom

6 things to click on in Google Classroom Alice Keeler

Google Classroom is simple to get started. Go to, create a class, post an assignment and share the class code with students. There is no easier way to go blended. Here are a six things to click on that are not so obvious.

1. Class Folder

The class folder is located in Google Drive. It is a subfolder of the Google Classroom folder in Google Drive. The class folder icon is located in 2 places: class tile on the home page and on the About tab.

Google Classroom google drive folder icon

2. More Options Icon

On each post in the Google Classroom Stream is a more options icon (3 dots). Use the options icon to edit the post in the Stream.

more options on a post in Google Classroom

3. Reuse Post

When creating a post (assignment or question) in Google Classroom, the top option is to “Reuse post.” This allows you to make a copy of a previous assignment or announcement and post it to the current class.

reuse post for creating an assignment in Google Classroom

4. Reset the Class Code

In the left sidebar of the Stream is the class code to share with students. Reset the class code or disable students from joining the class by clicking on the arrow next to the class code.

reset the class code in Google Classroom by clicking on the arrow

5. View Assignments

In the left sidebar of the Stream is the upcoming work (assignments with a due date). Click on “View all” to reveal a more concise list of the assignments in the Stream.

Upcoming work view all link in Google Classroom

6. Archived Classes

In the Google Classroom menu, at the bottom, is the option to view “Archived classes.” To delete a class, it must first be archived and then it can be deleted from the archived classes.

Google Classroom archived classes menu