Reset the code

Reset the Google Classroom Code

Reset it Until You Like It

My goal is to never hear “Keeler, the code is not working.” Oh… it’s working. You just typed it in wrong. On the Student’s tab is the ability to reset the Google Classroom code. Click on the tiny triangle next to the code and choose “Reset.” I reset it until it is almost a word. No L’s, zeros, O’s, 1’s, and not too long.

Reset the GOogle Classroom code

Look at this code, it has an o in it. I ask myself… is there a chance a student will type this in wrong? RESET!
No to the O

Is it a word? The code zcx6vh is fine… it’s short and no funky numbers. But there is no pattern I can discern to make it easier for me when helping students. RESET!
Is this a word?

No way

Is this the worst code ever?

Seventy Two Brown

This code speaks to me. It is almost 72 brown. I’ll keep it.

This speaks to me 72 brown

This code has the word fail in it!! I love it!

not a fail