Taking Learning Outside the Classroom

We know that learning doesn’t stop when our students leave the classroom. Google Classroom has several new features that help us to move learning beyond the walls of our classroom and increase our connections with students.


Email Summaries for Parents

The email summaries tool automatically creates summaries to provide parents with an overview of their students work.  Parents or guardians can customize how often they receive summaries.  Summaries can be received each day, once a week or even once a month. The summaries include assignments, grades and missing work. Parents or guardians have the option to opt out of summaries at any time.


Draw on Documents

Now students can add their ideas – and write outside the lines – by annotating documents in the mobile app. They can draw on Google Docs, images and PDF.  This lets students participate in learning beyond using online texts and images. They can write math problems and draw diagrams and create their own designs.


This provides students with more options for express their ideas and allow for teachers to better assess and gauge learning.


Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions truly expands the walls of the classroom by allowing students to participate in travel to new places through virtual experiences. The expeditions app will soon be available on iOS.


Streamline the Stream

Google Classroom has also become more user friendly for both teachers and students.

The Stream can get messy as the school year goes on. Now teachers can organize the stream by including topics to posts. This allows for you to organize your assignments and announcements. It also helps students to navigate the Stream and locate the information that they need.


Images in Google Forms


A new feature on Google Forms allows for you to include images and videos in a question. This is helpful when using Google Forms to assess student learning.


Organize your Inbox

Google Classroom can flood your inbox. When you are using a Google Apps for Education account, gmail now automatically organize your inbox by grouping emails from Google Classroom. This is useful for both students and teachers to make the workflow more efficient and sort emails into tasks.